Custom power generators, built to your specifications

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Bespoke generators, built to customer requirements

Interpower International
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Custom Generators

In installations where a standard generator doesn't meet the specification requirements, contact Interpower and allow our experience help you with a tailored design.

Through the 30+ years Interpower have been manufacturing generators, we have built up a reputation of designing high specification generators perfectly suited to the needs of the end user.

Being able to customise, and add more features to our range of standard products has allowed Interpower to offer our customers a more complete solution.

Some of Interpower's regular customers request we build generators to suit their own specifications, branding them with their own colours, features, control systems, and special selling features allowing them to supply their own products into the market place.

These features can include access for reconfiguration and maintenance on rental fleet generators, cooling air filtration systems, special modifications to fuel supply lines, increased fuel tank capacities, or advanced security features.

In certain area's of the world, Interpower distributors have identified features they request as a standard on the generators they resell. This allows them to offer a product better suited to their customers and the markets they service.

If you have a requirement for generators built to your specifications, painted your colours, and branded with your name, please contact Interpower now.

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